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    Sign Making Machines

    CAMARO Series engraving machine

    Type: CP 1212

    ★ 3.5'' DSC-931 Color screen controller.
    ★ New look, fast speed and high precision.
    ★ Accurate as screw machines and fast as rack and pinion engraving machines.


          Woodpecker’s next generation CAMARO Series engraving machine, is released for the sign advertising industry with a high performance/cost ratio. It has a new look, fast speed and high precision. Woodpecker double Y axis engraving machine, the latest model, is accurate as screw machines and fast as rack and pinion engraving machines. It comes with a newly developed Woodpecker DSC CNC controller, high definition color LCD display, and a user friendly interface. It can work offline.  It uses a high speed USB 2.0 connector and can transfer at speeds up to 12MB/min. There is an Ethernet connector and a large internal memory, making it easy to download data. The new digital analog converter makes it much easier to change the speed of the spindle via the controller.

    Technical Parameters

    Optional:500W floating spindle.
    Note: Parameters are subject to change. Use our company technical standards as the basis. Final parameters to be solely determined by ROC-MESE.

    Online message

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