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    Company Profile

    Established in 1992, ROC Machine Electronic System Engineering (Shanghai) Co. specializes in research and development, production and sales integration of computer numeric control equipment.  The company is a foreign owned enterprise, headquartered in Shanghai and occupies over 3000 square meters of office space devoted to research and development, sales and technical services.  In addition, the company owns a 50 acre campus in Jiangsu Province, Kunshan with more than 20,000 square meter of modernized, large-scale factory space.

    The company has a team of talented engineers who are responsible for designing hardware, software and CNC applications.  Our company has been awarded numerous patents for our designs, innovations and intellectual property in the CNC industry.  This is what separates ROC-Mese from other competitors, who do not have these capabilities.  ROC-Mese’s trademark, Woodpecker, is now a very famous brand in China and the overseas markets.

    ROC-Mese’s experience in the market has allowed us to build and create machines according to the market needs.  We started off with our sign making series of machines and have expanded to include metal mould machines, lock making machines, plasma cutting machines, wood cutting machines and UV printing.  We now have several dozens of different machines, which have consistently earned high praise from our end users.

    We are the leader in the industry because of our innovation and our brand is famous because of our reliability, expertise and devotion to quality. Quality is extremely important to the company and we strive to have the best quality to price ratio in the industry.

    Our company’s culture is development of new products with the best quality at an affordable price.  The Woodpecker brand will continue to evolve and innovate with new products as we continue to stay one step ahead.  Our customers can be confident that Woodpecker will always be there with them. 


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